Stay on top of your Google Adsense account status. Know immediately if any of your domains becomes banned.

How BannedAccount works?

BannedAccount will check the status of each of you domain names against Google Adsense to learn if your site is already banned or becomes banned.

Protect Your Profits

Should your domain become banned by Google Adsense, you may not know until you find that your profits have dropped off and left you with less earnings than you expect.

Track All Your Domains

BannedAccount will track and report to you upon all of your domains. Should any one of them ever become banned by Google Adsense, you'll be the first to know... Before your profits are significantly impacted!

100% Ban Tracking

All tracking and reporting on your domains at BannedAccount is 100% free. Simply enter your domain names, then focus on increasing earnings. Never be blind-sided by a banned domain.

About BannedAccount

BannedAccount is a free service provided to assist you in monitoring your domains that provide you with earnings through Google Adsense. Should any of your domains become banned and unable to produce profits from Adsense, we will alert you of the issue.


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